Inspired by Libya’s rich and unexplored culture and traditions Born in Exile is a luxury ready to wear label created in 2018.  The name represents the designer and founder of the brand, Ibrahim Shebani who as the brand name suggests was himself born in exile.

Born in Exile speaks to women with a strong sense of style and unparalleled aura. The story behind Ibrahim’s creations is to embed the complex political history of his motherland, Libya in modern interpretations of traditional silhouettes and exceptional craftsmanship.




Goethe: “Make a better future by developing elements from the past.”

A quote that always echoed in my mind giving me a solid understanding of what BORN IN EXILE as a brand should be.

I see the future in the innovation and creativity of fashion and I ride on the back of my heritage to present a modern twist on the cultural traditions of Libya and turn them into trendy, wearable every day collectible pieces.

As a designer of the brand, I aspire to interpret the heritage of my country through strong designs and statement pieces that define the undiscovered beauty of Libya my eternal muse.