Ibrahim Shebani is a Tunisian based designer who grew up in both Libya and Egypt. Formally trained in architecture, Shebani’s love of design goes back to his childhood spent scouring textile markets with his mother–an artist and designer herself.

After a successful career in advertising and PR, Shebani launched Born in Exile to continue telling complex narratives in the form of ready-to-wear and accessories with unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.

Today, he operates his atelier from Tunis, with a showroom in Milan, close to the suppliers that provide the finest leathers, denims and knits he uses as the foundation of his collections.

Inspired by Libya’s rich and unexplored culture, history, and traditions, Born in Exile is a luxury streetwear label designed to tell a new story.

Born in Exile is influenced by Shebani, who himself was born in exile, and the tension between east and west in 90's libya. That tension manifests itself in the brands staple pieces using supple leathers, bold denim, and luxe knits.

That sense of boldness, urgency, and resilience is why the brand speaks to women with a strong sense of style and energy. “As a designer of the brand, I aspire to interpret the heritage of my country through strong designs and statement pieces that define the undiscovered beauty of Libya, my eternal muse,” says Ibrahim.

It is also why Shebani has gained momentum amongst consumers and insiders alike. Born In Exile was recently chosen as one of 700 applicants for the Vogue fashion prize, and again as a finalist for the Fashion Trust Arabia Prize.